Reports from WILPF International

>Report from International secretariat in Geneva and Reachingcriticalwill and PeaceWomen Project

WILPF Activity Report 2010-2011
International Treasurer report
Standing Finance Committee Report
Report Secretary-General

Financial Package
JAPA audits
UNO Audit
WILPF UNO 2010 by Project.doc
WILPF UNO 2010 by Project.pdf
Cash Balances UNO 31 Dec 2010 vs 30 June.doc
Cash Balances UNO 31 Dec 2010 vs 30 June.pdf
UNO 2011 Operating Cash Forecast.doc
UNO 2011 Operating Cash Forecast.pdf
UNO 2012- 2015 Cash Forecast.doc
UNO 2012- 2015 Cash Forecast.pdf
Section Fee Overview 2011

WILPF representatives
WILPF FAO report