The Congress in the constitution

The International Congress

a) The International Congress shall be the highest decision making body of WILPF and the final authority in all matters concerning the organization.

b) The International Congress shall be composed of all members of the International Board, and delegates and alternates elected by the National Sections in the following manner:

A National Section shall be entitled to representation to the International Congress when its dues are paid to the end of the previous calendar year;

Each National Section shall be entitled to elect five delegates and up to five alternates;

Each National Section with a paid up membership of five thousand or more shall be entitled to three additional delegates and up to three additional alternates;

c) Voting rights at Congress

Each member of the International Board and each delegation elected by a National Section shall be entitled to one vote;

A National Section represented by a single delegate shall have two votes;

A National Section alternate may vote in the place of the delegate.

Any other paid up member of WILPF may attend and participate in the International Congress but shall be non-voting.

International Congress

The responsibilities of the International Congress shall include, but not be limited to:

reviewing the activities since the last Congress, setting the policies, and direction of WILPF, and adopting the programme and related budget until the next Congress;

electing the President, Vice-Presidents, and treasurer of WILPF to serve until the next session of the International Congress; no individual may be elected to the same EC more than two consecutive terms.

Appointing convenors of Standing Committees and Working Groups;

receiving reports from Convenors of Committees, Executive Committee, National Sections, Secretary General, Project Coordinators, and others;

admitting new National Sections and associate members;

deciding on amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws.

A scheduled session of the International Congress may be cancelled or postponed by the EC subject to the agreement of a 2/3 majority of the IB at a duly constituted meeting or by voting via post and/or electronic mail.

Travel expenses of the delegates and alternates to the International Congress shall be borne by the National Section they represent. The Executive Committee and the Secretary General shall have their expenses paid out of the international budget to the extent that the funds are available. In the event of a job share for President, only one of the two co-Presidents shall have expenses paid from the international budget to any particular meeting, with the exception of the IB and Congress. National Sections shall also be responsible for the travel expenses to the International Congress of members of the International Board elected by them.

WILPF shall maintain a Travel Fund to assist members in special circumstances to attend the International Congress. The Fund shall be administered by the Executive Committee, in accordance with guidelines established by the International Board.

The International Congress shall be convened every three years but no longer than 48 months since the last one to allow for North/South differences and other considerations.  In the case of an ‘Extraordinary Session’ being convened, the next regularly scheduled Congress shall be in the third year after the ‘Extraordinary Session.’ Congress shall meet at a date and place determined by the International Board.

Extraordinary sessions of the International Congress may be called on request of a National Section, subject to the agreement of a two-thirds majority of the International Board voting at a duly constituted meeting.

The International Board shall decide whether an extraordinary International Board meeting should be called to execute all or some of the Congress responsibilities, or whether these responsibilities should be completed via other procedures (e.g. video conferences, e-mail voting), or whether the fulfillment of such responsibilities should be postponed until a session of the International Congress can be scheduled.

Quorum for Congress shall consist of 40% of the sections being represented and at least three of the elected members of the Executive Committee.

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